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Five Recruits: Ummee Chund, Indur, Goolzaree, Bukhtawur and Juhaz - ca. 1815-1816Watercolor on paperH: 27.0 W: 39.0 cm India This is a painting of five men recruited by William Fraser (1784–1835), a political officer in the East India Company responsible for recruiting and maintaining an irregular force to fight in the skirmishes in the hilly terrain against the Gurkha in the Nepal War which broke out 1814. At a time when Mughal resources were diminishing and artists were losing traditional patrons, British interest in documenting their experiences in India provided livelihoods and new inspiration for many painters.William Fraser’s inscription on the cover paper is as follows: Five villagers, now troopers. [1] Juhaz, a Rajpoot, of Loharee, district Hansee. [2] Bukhtawur, a Rajpoot, from near Benares. [3] Goolzaree, a Moosulum Rajpoot, of Neesung vil.,district Kurnal. [4] Indur, a goojur, of vil. Syyudpoor, dystrict Tupookruh, Mewat. [5] Ummee Chund—Kalas nephew, a Rose by cast, vil. Datchour, district Kurnal. These men are drawn as they first presented themselves to enlist.Source: Smithsonian Institution
~ via Rare Book Society of India
  • 27 July 2012
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